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Snails also play important roles in our ecology and offer several benefits to ecosystems:


1. Nutrient Cycling: Snails are detritivores, which means they feed on decaying plant material and help break it down. By consuming dead leaves and organic debris, they contribute to the decomposition process and nutrient cycling. This activity aids in releasing essential nutrients back into the soil, benefiting plant growth and overall ecosystem health.


2. Soil Aeration: Snails burrow into the soil, creating small tunnels and crevices as they move. These burrows help improve soil structure and promote aeration. Increased soil aeration allows better water infiltration, nutrient availability, and root development for plants.


3. Food Source for Other Organisms: Snails serve as a food source for various organisms, including birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and certain insects. They form part of the diet of many animals, contributing to energy transfer through the food chain.


4. Seed Dispersal: Some snails consume seeds as part of their diet. As they move and defecate, they can disperse these seeds to new locations, aiding in seed dispersal and contributing to plant dispersal and colonization of new habitats.


5. Calcium Cycling: Snails have shells made of calcium carbonate. When they die, their shells break down and release calcium into the environment. This calcium is an essential nutrient for many organisms, including plants. Snails, therefore, contribute to the cycling of calcium in ecosystems.


6. Indicator Species: Snails are sensitive to changes in their environment, including pollution, habitat degradation, and climate variations. Their presence and abundance can serve as indicators of ecosystem health and environmental quality. Monitoring snail populations can provide insights into the overall ecological condition of an area.


It's worth noting that some species of snails, such as certain agricultural pests, can have negative impacts on crops or garden plants. However, in natural ecosystems, snails generally play beneficial roles and contribute to the functioning and balance of the environment.


you can find more about our British snails here


NATHAN SLATE, SCULPTURE TRAIL is an EMERGE commission for Bridgwater Quayside Festival 2023. Supported by Fuse Perfomance, Somerset Outdoor Arts and Arts Council England.

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